Marilyn Manson returns… with an unlikely collaboration.

Before the artist formally known as Brian Warner documented his mid-life crisis by writhing around with his barely legal lover in a pool of fake blood, the self-proclaimed God of Fuck (LOLZ) was a master of horror and heavy metal, specializing in sick music videos and stellar live performances. And, most importantly, he was selling albums. But the last decade has seen a steady decline not only in Manson’s album sales, but also in the number of people who respect him. The controversy has worn off, the tunes have dried up and poor Manson’s music career is drooping almost as much as his jowls.

Identity crisis, anyone?

But despite negative responses to his recent efforts, Marilyn Manson refuses to give up. Even as someone who spent her teenage years with his first four albums on repeat, I’m not sure if this is a good thing. It was announced this week that Manson’s attempt to redeem himself after mediocre last album The High End Of Low sees him returning with a new song, new video, and even a brand new sidekick…

.... this guy!?

So… apparently Manson and the kid from the Transformers movies (who goes by the name of Shia LaBeouf… bet that made for a fun adolescence) met at some concert somewhere and like totally hit it off or something to the point that Manson hired him to direct a ‘short film’ that would be accompanied by music from Manson’s new album, Born Villain. Right.

No offense, Brian, but I don’t think the way to rekindle your lost respect is to collaborate with a kid who found ‘fame’ on the Disney channel.

Desperate times…

So what can possibly result from this bizarre collaboration? And, more importantly, can it resurrect the once legendary status of the Antichrist Superstar we know and, err… love? Or is it finally time for Brian (I really, really enjoy calling him Brian) to hang up his microphone and retire to a dank dungeon somewhere to paint watercolors (they’re actually not half bad) while chugging his own brand of absinthe? (Yes, really. It’s called Mansinthe, obvz.)

MANSINTHE: for the life and soul of every party!

Born Villain isn’t unlike other Manson videos, just in case you were worried that this Shia kid would change Brian’s ways. In fact, the video is pure Manson all over: there are plenty of naked chicks paired with a load of ‘shocking’ and ‘controversial’ visuals (pedophilia, genitalia, a guy with no legs in a pair of saggy boxer shorts, etc.) that are occasionally interrupted by Manson and pals spouting out Shakespeare quotes. Deep. Oh yeah, and there’s music in there too, somewhere.

But what do you think? Have a look at the video for Born Villain for yourself…

WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS VERY NAUGHTY. We don’t advise watching it at work.

Well. That sure was interesting, wasn’t it?


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One Response to “Marilyn Manson returns… with an unlikely collaboration.”

  1. DJ DeepThroat Says:

    How many timez did you LOLZ?! Lotz? There ya go.. he is still an entertainer, haha 😉

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