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Search Engine LOLZ Part 1

August 11, 2011

Scaring yourself silly is certainly a fun way to pass the time, but while locking yourself in a darkened room with hordes of horror movies and googling scary faces just before bed is all well and good, sometimes what you really need is a good ol’ fashioned LARF-FEST.


Luckily for me, larfs aplenty can be found with one simple click of a button: checking the search engine terms that have led people to my blog.

Over the course of Awesome Art’s short life (1 year old in October – send cake plz), search engine terms have played a huge role in bringing visitors to my lovely little blog, for which I am eternally grateful.

Of course, many of these people must have been pretty disappointed by what they found. I’ll tell ya, I live to regret the day that I absent-mindedly shoved the word ‘porn’ into a post. I don’t think I need to elaborate on that one.

Even aside from the plentiful amount of porn-searchers, people are looking for some pretty strange stuff on the Interweb. Usually disgusting, often bemusing and always hilarious, here are some of my faves that hopefully will make you larf just as much as I did.

(And just in case you’re interested, the top search engine term at the moment is ‘Village of the damned’, followed by ‘female horror characters’. Definitely not as amusing as the ones which shall follow. Spelling and grammar have not been changed.)

Sheri Moon ass

Fairuza Balk tits

crazy horse cabaret
I like the sound of this.

Rob Zombie’s halloween tits
I wasn’t aware that Mr Zombie had breasts. Although if he did, they would probably be Halloween-themed.

The dark side of winnie the pooh
Pretentious English Lit/Film student seeking material for their essay about the dodgy deeper meanings behind our favourite childhood bear? Or just some stoned guy who was craving more Heffalumps and Woozles?

Virgin mary horror porn
Initially this perplexed me no end. However it turns out that it must be some kind of new fad that I was unaware of. See below.

The virgin mary+naked+porn+horny+weird+
+ what? + WHAT!??????

porno blasphemy virgin mary 
OK, seriously, who is this guy!? Whoever they (he, she, it, who knows) may be, they must be pretty sick of looking at my blog by now. And pretty sick in general. THERE’S NO VIRGIN MARY PORN HERE! BE GONE! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!

Hot naked grandma

cannibalism side effects
Good to know that modern cannibals are concerned about possible risks. STAY SAFE, CANNIBALS!

bald woman rampage
This would make a great horror movie title. The one thing worse than a woman scorned? A BALD woman scorned.

real life t rex that’s still alive today
This kid may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but at least he knows where to put his apostrophes.

bald dumbo rat
I believe that this guy was searching for his perfect pet: a bald, brain-dead rodent.

what if your heaven was also your hell would you still go there no fear
Ah, that age-old question man has been asking since the dawn of time… don’t think you’ll be finding the answer here though, mate.

And to bring it all to a delightful conclusion, I share with you one person’s beautiful vision…

cannibal frolics
The image of this is just too awesome for words.

This topic may become a regular feature on Awesome Art because it’s so gosh darned fun(ny). And, like I said before, we all love a good LARF.

See y'all again for more lolz soon!