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October 8, 2011

Screw summer, I say. Let’s face it, the only good thing about summer is the possibility of a warm afternoon or two, and unless you’re a school-going kiddie or lazy college student you’re probably going to be spending it cooped up in a stuffy office anyway. The winter months have many more redeeming qualities: chub-concealing cosy jumpers, the red cups’ annual arrival in Starbucks and of course the bestest holiday of all… HALLOWEEN!

Freddy's excited… are YOU?

Here at Awesome Art we have a whole horde of Halloween-themed posts in the pipeline to celebrate this special month. To kick things off, here are a few of my favourite things about the Halloween holiday season.


I’m not talking about the endless arrays of standard plastic decorations like squishy spiders and shiny skulls (although they are awesome too), but the everyday items that get a Halloween-themed makeover and start cropping up all over American malls around August (those Americans really know how to make some awesome HALLOWEEN-THEMED SHIT). My favourite item of HALLOWEEN-THEMED SHIT? My ghost fairy lights. I love these bad boys so much that they stay up in my house ALL YEAR LONG.

Aren't they cute? And scary too, of course.


I love a good Christmas nostalgia movie, and we all know it ain’t Christmas yet until you’ve watched The Muppet Christmas Carol. But Halloween nostalgia movies are even better.

While Halloween is the time of year when horror-movie-haters finally subject themselves to watching the classics, for me, it’s when standard horror films go on the back-burner and I indulge in Halloween-themed movies that are somewhat cheesy, aimed primarily at children and full of HALLOWEEN-THEMED SHIT (sigh…don’t you just love it!?). Here are some of my favourites, to be watched while eating copious amounts of sugar and nuzzled up in front of a cosy fire.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Not only is this film beautiful to watch, full of adorable characters and set to a delightful soundtrack, it’ll also quench post-Halloween blues by getting you all excited for Christmas! But watch out for the Boogeyman, and his appearance in the most traumatic scene to appear in a movie pre-The Human Centipede (only a tiny exaggeration there…).

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is one of those awesome ‘family-fun films’ (as I like to call ‘em) of the ‘90s. Such films always had a gang led by a sarky kid (or a sarky kid without a gang, *sob*), just enough sexual innuendo to still be family friendly and an inevitable wholesome and happy ending. Other examples of this well-known genre that you might remember include films like Matilda, Harriet The Spy and Home Alone. But Hocus Pocus is the best for PG Halloween fun: it’s got a bratty Thora Birch, a hilariously pre-digital age robot cat and Sarah Jessica Parker in the role that God intended for her.

Addams Family Values

This sequel kicks the ass of The Addams Family movie, which let’s face it, isn’t all that awesome. Though Addams Family Values may not be as outlandishly ‘Halloween-themed’ as the other movies on this list, who gives a crap!? It’s the ADDAMS. They ARE Halloween. Best bits? The summer camp scenes, especially the Addams-style politically incorrect Thanksgiving skit.

Check back with Awesome Art for more AWESOME Halloween-themed posts soon!

Try to contain your excitement or you mind end up like this guy!